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Modifying Information on Your Profile Page

When you log into the College or School website, you will see your website account/profile page.   Since we are using LDAP (UT NetID and NetID password) for authentication on these sites, you will not be able to change your account email address or password through your website account page.  Those fields are for non-UT users.  

  • Click on the Edit tab under your name. You will see two tabs at the top right of the edit screen - ACCOUNT and PROFILE INFORMATION.
    • Under the ACCOUNT tab, you can change the name that will show on your profile and add your picture.  You cannot change your netid password or website account email here. 
    • The "First Name" and "Last Name" fields are for the actual name that will show on your profile page.
    • You may upload a picture for your profile page. Note the maximum dimensions and files size.
    • The Biblio Settings has some advanced features for connecting with Openurl and Crossref Login Information. 
    • Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 
    • Most of the information you will want to edit is under the Profile Information tab - position title, office hours, contact email, Biography, CV, Education, Research Interests.  If you leave a non-required field blank, it will not be shown on your profile page. 
    • To update your CV - Click on the PROFILE INFORMATION tab. Go to the CV field and simply browse your computer for your CV and upload it - it will be listed automatically! Only txt, doc, docs, pdf, and rtf files may be uploaded as CV. 
    • Add your Research Interests as bullet items by clicking "Add another item" for each interest area, if you are CCI Faculty or Doctoral Student. 
    • Click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page. If something still needs changing, click Edit, make the changes, then SAVE again.