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Creating a Page

  • Log in to the website
  • Go to the Create Content link on the User Menu
  • Click Basic Page
  • Type the page title in the title field. This is the title that will appear at the top of the page.
  • Body:  You can simply type in the Body field and use the formating options in the tool bar. 
  • You can also paste text into the field.  Use the "paste from Word" button on the WYSIWYG tool bar to strip out the Word formating. Use the formating options on the WYSIWYG toolbar to format your text. 
  • If you add images or have special formating, you may need to switch the Text Format to Full HTML
  • If you want your page listed in a menu, click Provide a menu link. The page title will be used as the Menu link title, but you can change that to something else.
  • Add a Description, usually the same as the Menu link title.
  • Parent Item allows you to select which menu you would like your item to appear under on the left navigation bar. Scroll to the appropriate parent item.  Please be aware that we have multiple menus on the sites - be sure to pick the correct menu!
  • Weight allows you to select where an item falls on the menu. The “heavier” the item, the farther down on the menu it will appear. 
  • Click Preview. If you are happy with the way your Web page looks, select SAVE. If your page needs more work, make click Edit, make your changes, then SAVE again.