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Creating a Biblio entry for a publication

  1. Login to the CCI or your School’s website
  2. Go to the Add Content link on the User Menu
  3. Click on Biblio
  4. Select the appropriate Publication Type and wait for the page to reload
  5. For the author fields, begin typing the last name of the author. Let the field autocomplete to select the correct author, however, if this is a new author, type it in. If an author has been listed before on this website, the field will autocomplete.  Letting the author field autocomplete is very important as this will make sure the biblio will be attached to YOUR publications page!!!  If it is your FIRST biblio on the website, see #9 below.   Most authors are listed as "Smith, D" - Last name, First initial.
  6. Use "PRIMARY" in the author category field - not secondary or tertiary.
  7. Click on the tabs on the left menu to add other information for the biblio, such as the name of the publication, year, abstract, ISBN numbers, keywords, etc.
  8. Click Submit. If you want to make changes, click edit and re-submit as necessary
  9. If this is the first Biblio to list you as an author on our website, please let the CCI Webmaster ( know in order to make your publications show on your profile page. This is a one-time step.