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40th Annual CCI Research Symposium - February 14, 2018

40th Annual Research Symposium

We LOVE Research


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Patrick Auditorium 321 Communications Building

Scripps Convergence Lab 4th Floor Communications Building

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 

2017 CCI symposium


8:30-10:00 – Symposium Registration

9:00-10:00 – Poster Presentations (see below for presentation titles and authors)

10:00-11:00 – Session 1 Keynote Speaker Dr. Robert Heath

11:15-12:05 – Session 2 Presentations

  1. Jamie Osborn (Physiological Measures of Politeness Theory: HPA Activity)
  2. Dr. Mariea Hoy and Dr. Courtney Childers (Unboxing Parents’ Understanding of Sponsored Child Influencer Videos)
  3. Dr. Wade Bishop (How FAIR are data and who cares?)

12:00-1:20 – Lunch in Scripps Convergence Theater

1:25-2:20 – Session 3 Presentations

  1. Joseph Winberry (Managing Innovations in Libraries: A Work in Progress)
  2. Dr. Sally McMillan (Spending, Spinning, and Polling vs. Posting Positively and Often: How the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign Changed the Rules) Coauthors: Courtney C. Childers, Stuart N. Brotman, Jinhee Lee, Jian Huang, and Natalie Bogda
  3. Dr. Sally McMillan (Family Socioeconomic Diversity: Using a Research and Writing Exercise to Expand Student Understanding of Diversity)
  4. Dr. Mark Harmon (Our Conflicted Views about Celebrities and Politics)
  5. Dr. Mark Harmon (A War of Words: British Worker v. British Gazette during the 1926 UK General Strike)

2:25-3:15 – Session 4 Presentations

  1. Emily Caylor (Family Communication Patterns and Advice Response Theory: How Emerging Adults View Parental Advice on Money)
  2. Ying Xiong (Fantasy Theme Criticism in the Rhetoric of Bike Sharing:  A Comparison Study of the US and China)
  3. Kevin Mallary (Providing Equal Access to Information in Academic & Research Libraries: Works in Progress)
  4. Macy Halladay (Building Health Information Networks Using Facebook: A Pilot Study with New Mothers in Rural Appalachia)
  5. Danielle Pollock, Michelle Parker, and Dr. Suzie Allard (Studying the Role of Data in New and Emerging Convergence Research Communities)

3:20-4:00 – Session 5 Presentations

  1. Dr. Stuart Brotman (Silicon Valley’s Missing History: How U.S. Antitrust Law Enforcement Helped Foster the Computer Industry’s Early Development and Growth)
  2. Regina Beach-Bertin (Acknowledgments in STEM Dissertations at the University of Tennessee:  A Pilot Study)
  3. Brandon Boatwright (“It’s funny to hear females talk about routes”: Stakeholder responses to Cam Newton’s image restoration strategies as counterhegemonic discourse)
  4. Jason Stamm (Tweets heard 'round the world: How international news agencies covered the 2016 U.S. presidential election through Twitter)

4:00-4:30 – Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks by Dr. Suzie Allard


Poster Presentations:

Title: A Prologue to Planning: Assessing Use of an Academic Library Graduate Student Study Room

            Authors: Brianne Dosch, Jordan Kaufman, Alexa Carter, Kristina Clement, Lauren Johnson, Sian Carr

Title: Library Space: The Final Frontier or the Next Generation? Assessing Active Learning Space in the Academic Library

Authors: Kristina Clement, Sian Carr, Lauren Johnson, Alexa Carter, Brianne Dosch, Jordan Kaufman, Dr. Rachel Fleming-May, Dr. Regina Mays, Dr. Teresa Walker

Title: Assessment of Rural Library Professionals’ Role in Community Engagement in the Southern and Central Appalachian Region: Mobilization from Change Agents to Community Anchors

            Authors: Dr. Bharat Mehra, Dr. Vandana Singh, Everette Scott Sikes

Title: #SaveSunderbans/#SayNoToRampal: A Case Study of “Hashtag” Activism in South Asia

            Authors: Umana Anjalin, Dr. Sally McMillan

Title: Caring Theory and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

            Author: Victoria Sudakova

Title: Information Seeking Behavior of Water Recreationalists


For more information about the event  please contact Jesse Cragwall at or 865.974.7909.