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Question: How can my commencement guest(s) enter Thompson-Boling Arena if they are mobility impaired?

Answer: Your guest should be able to get out on the ground level by Thompson-Boling Arena, or your guest can take the elevator to the concourse level in the G10 parking garage, then take an elevator to the ground floor. (The G10-elevator is the best option.) There is seating on the ground floor for those with mobility impairment. This seating can also accommodate a few (2-3) in addition to your mobility impaired guest.

Question: I made a mistake on my RSVP form--how can I correct it?

Answer: If you made any errors in your RSVP form, you can resubmit it. Please resubmit all information again. You should receive a confirmation email once you have done so. Your latest submission will override your previous one.