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CCI Doctoral Student Research Interests

School of Advertising & Public Relations
Name Research Interests
Khaled Alkandari Political Communications
Social Media
International Relations
Intercultural Communications
Social Media effect on Political Transitions in the Middle East
Social Media effect on Opinion Expression in the Middle East- Kuwait
Ombudsman and Postmodernism Public Relations, Social Media as the Web 2.0 Ombudsman
Public Diplomacy
Corporate Social Responsibility
Andrew Anglin Advertising to children
Nostalgia in advertising
History of advertising
Umana Anjalin Millennials and Social Media, Social Media Activism, Southeast Asian Students, Adolescent and Media, Immigrant Youth, Advertising to Children
Brandon Boatwrght
Betsy Byrne Advertising Psychology
Flow Theory
Covert Advertising
John Dugger Public Relations
New Media/Social Media
Risk Communication
Crisis Communication
Minsoo Kim
Ying Xiong Public Relations
Health Communication
Crisis Communication
School of Communication Studies
Name Research Interests
Joseph Lybarger
Brandy Mmbaga Multicultural - Diversity Issues & Perceptions
Organizational Communication & Leadership
Jamie Osborn
Cassandra Ray
Jason Smethers
Jenilee Williams
School of Information Sciences
Name Research Interests
Rebecca Anderson Diffusion of Information
Information Gatekeepers
The Structure of Social Netoworks
Research Methods
Robert Anderson
Frank Aviles Mathematics in Public Libraries
Math Enrichment in Children's Services at Public Libraries
Math Literacy Needs of Latinos and English Language Learners
Mathematical Communication with English Language Learners
Regina Beach-Bertin Academic Libraries, Scholarly Communication, Digital Libraries, and Information Organization and Retrieval
Lisa Christian
LaVerne Gray Critical/cultural theory and diversity issues in information sciences field
Librarianship and serving unrepresented populations
Li-Min Huang
Monica Ihli
P Judy Li Knowledge Management in SBE's strategic management
Entrepreneurship in Librarianship, Embedded Librarianship
Kevin J. Mallary Assistive technologies
Accessibility in higher education
Human-computer interaction
Disability rights and advocacy
Jim Malone information science/communication
medical libraries
digital libraries
international librarianship
science education
quantum information theory
computational science
psychology, anthropology, social responsibility, cosmology
earth sciences
rural communities
innovation in knowledge economies
knowledge transference between academia, industry, and the public
Nicole Nanney
Michelle Parker Privacy
Data Policy
Social Justice
Environmental Justice
Danielle Pollock
Ivonne Ramirez Multicultural approach to information delivery
Social capital in effective information delivery
Alternative methods for catalog accessibility
David Sims Cultural evolution
Scientific and technical communication and information in emergence, selection,and transmission of cultural traits.
Priyanki Sinha Social Media, Data Management and Sharing, Environmental Information Science, Information Retrieval Technologies.
Iman Tahamtan
Monica Ihli
School of Journalism & Electronic Media
Name Research Interests
John Baker
Dawn Corwin Title IX Policy and Education
Women's Sports
Social Media Coverage of Women's Sports
Feminist Theory
Monique Freemon Minorities and Women in the Media
Minority Journalism Students at PWIs
Spiral of Silence Theory
Critical Race Theory
Melissa Greene-Blye Journalism-history and practice
Critical Media Discourse/Portrayals of Native Americans in the Press
Role of Media Narrative in Culture/Critical Intercultural Communication
Media Literacy Education
Indigenous Methodologies
Jamie Greig Communication Law and Policy
FCC regulation of the communication industry
State barriers to diffusion of innovation (rural broadband expansion)
Charli Kerns
Abhijit Mazumdar
Jason Stamm Effects and use of social media in journalism
Xu Zhang Public sphere
Humanitarian news reporting
Media and terrorism
International communication