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Claire Connors, Matt Hendrickson, Dr. Elizabeth Hendrickson (moderator)

Claire ConnorsClaire Connors

Although her title at Shape Magazine is Special Projects Editor, Claire Connors prefers the more colorful term of Celebrity Wrangler, which she has been doing ever since booking Johnny Depp for a fashion shoot in Seventeen Magazine 20 years ago. Somehow she came to this ridiculously entertaining position via a decidedly unexciting Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics from The University of Minnesota.


Matt HendricksonMatt Hendrickson

During his 20 years in the magazine industry, journalist Matt Hendrickson estimates he has interviewed hundreds music industry players, including little known artists such as Bono, Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen. The Knoxville-based writer is grateful that social media didn’t exist during his seven years at Rolling Stone.  He’s also grateful that Claire Connors assigned him one of his first articles for a mainstream magazine.


Dr. Elizabeth HendricksonDr. Elizabeth Hendrickson (Moderator)

Dr. Elizabeth (Meyers) Hendrickson was an entertainment editor for NYC-based magazines such as Ladies' Home Journal, Glamour and First for Women before obtaining her graduate degrees. She teaches Journalism and Electronic Media courses focusing on the magazine industry and multi-platform content creation. She is also grateful to Claire Connors, who taught her most of what she knows.