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Cunningham, A., & Haley E. (1998).  Preparing Students for Real-world Ethical Dilemmas: A Stakeholder Approach. National AEJMC conference.
Cunningham, A., & Haley E. (1998).  The Ghost in the Mirror: The Indirect Influences of Advertising in an Ad-Less Magazine. Proceedings of the 1998 Conference of the American Academy of Advertising. 267-268.
Cunningham, A., & Haley E. (2000).  A Look Inside the World of Advertising Free Publishing: A Case Study of Ms. Magazine. Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising. 22, 17-30.
Crescenzi, A., Kelly D., & Azzopardi L. (2015).  Time Pressure and System Delays in Information Search. Proceedings of the 38th Annual ACM International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR ’15), .
Crescenzi, A., Kelly D., & Azzopardi L. (2016).  Impacts of Time Constraints and System Delays on User Experience. Proceedings of the ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval. 141-150.
Cowell, E., & Kupritz V. W. (2007).  Human resources and the future of communication in the workplace: A Cross-generational perspective. College of Commuinication and Information 29th Annual Research Symposium.
Cowell, E., & Kupritz V. W. (2007).  The cross-generational workplace: Finding common Ground. International Academy of Human Resource Development.
Cortez, E. M. (2001).  In the Field: Ethnographic Methods in Information System Design, Development and Evaluation. AACE Proceedings of Webnet 2001.
Cortez, E. M., & Rice R. (1994).  The Role of Online Reference in Public Libraries. Public Library Quarterly. 14, 7-21.
Cortez, E. M. (1986).  Development in Special Library Education: Implications for the Present and Future. Special Libraries. 77, 198-206.
Cortez, E. M. (2005).  Partnering for Success. TennShare Conference,.
Cortez, E. M. (1982).  Computers in Libraries. A.J. Seminars.
Cortez, E. M. (1999).  Research, Education & Economics Information System: An Engine for Strategic Planning and Information Policy Development at the USDA. Journal of Government Information. 26, 119-129.
Cortez, E. M. (1991).  Library Automation Consultants: Current Realities and Trends. Library Hi Tech. 9, 99-109.
Cortez, E. M. (2007).  Sustaining Economic Development through Knowledge Management Practices in the Caribbean region: Challenges and Opportunities. ACURIL XXXVII Conference.
Cortez, E. M. (1986).  Microcomputer Applications in Special Libraries. Northern Regional Special Library Association,.
Cortez, E. M. (1995).  Tearing Down the Fences: The Intellectual Property Debate in a Postmodern Society .. Proceedings of the 16th National Online Meeting.
Cortez, E. M. (1987).  RFP’s and Contracts for Library Automation: Guidelines for Evaluation and Preparation.
Cortez, E. M. (2006).  Designing the REEIS Knowledge Management Collaboratory. INSCIT 2006.
Cortez, E. M. (1983).  Library Automation and Management Information Systems. Journal of Library Administration. 4, 21-33.
Cortez, E. M. (1999).  Metadata Vocabulary for Data Retrieval. Journal of the American Society for Information Science. 50, 1218-1223.
Cortez, E. M. (1991).  Library Automation and System Analysis. University of Puerto Rico.
Cortez, E. M., Sandusky R. J., & Aristeguieta-Trillos S. (2008).  A Cross-Cultural and Bilingual Experience in LIS Education - A Case Study. Open Roads Conference.
Cortez, E. M., & Kazlauskas E. J. (1986).  Managing Information Systems and Technologies.
Cortez, E. M. (2002).  Designing a Knowledge Management Collaboratory: Re-conceptually REEIS Using Convergent Technologies. Dynamics of Convergent Media Conference, University of South Carolina.
Cortez, E. M. (1981).  Invented Control Using the SPIRES Database Management System.. Proceedings of the ASIS 1981 Conference.
Cortez, E. M., Park S. C., & Kim S. (1995).  The Hybrid Application of An Inductive Learning and a Neural Network for Intelligent Information Retrieval. Information Processing and Management. 6, 789-813.
Cortez, E. M., Potnis D., & Allard S. (2015).  Educating LIS Students to Serve as Mobile Technology Consultants.
Cortez, E. M. (1987).  Library Education and Accreditation. The Information Profession Facing Future Challenges: State-of-the-Art Institute, SLA.
Cortez, E. M. (2006).  Atmospheric Sciences Libraries and Their Importance for Patron. Ninth Annual Atmospheric Science Librarians International Meeting.
Cortez, E. M. (1983).  The Automated Integrated Library System. SMALLNET.
Cortez, E. M., & Kazlauskas E. J. (2000).  Using Theory Elaboration for Building a Knowledge Management Apparatus. Proceedings of the ASIS 2000 Conference.
Cortez, E. M., & Smorch T. (1993).  Second Generation Automated Library Systems: A Practical Guide.
Cortez, E. M., Britz J., & Kigongo-Bukeny I. (2008).  Strategies for Human Development of LIS Faculty in Sub-Sahara Africa. 74th General Conference and Council.
Cortez, E. M. (1986).  Grant Evaluation Methods using Management Information Systems (Review article by research editor). Foundation News.
Cortez, E. M., Kazlauskas E. J., & Dutta S. K. (2004).  What the Information Professional Can Learn from the Information Technology and Project Management Knowledge Areas. portal: Libraries and the Academy. 4, 131-144.
Cortez, E. M., & Epstein S B. (1982).  A Study of Future Directions for the California Library Services Act: Bibliographic Database Program.
Cortez, E. M., & Kazlauskas E. J. (1996).  Information Policy Audit: An Organizational Analysis Tool for Strategic Planning, Innovation and Change. Special Libraries. 88-97.
Cortez, E. M., & Bunge C. A. (1987).  The Communication Audit as a Library Management Tool. Journal of Library Administration. 8, 41-63.
Cortez, E. M. (2007).  The Strategic Knowledge Audit, Case Analysis and Activity Theory as Front-Ends for Building a Knowledge Management System in the Field of Agriculture. 4th International Conference on Knowledge Management.
Cortez, E. M. (1984).  In-house Design of Automated Library Systems. Michigan Library Consortium.
Cortez, E. M., & Kazlauskas E. J. (2000).  The Strategic Information Audit as a Front-end to the Development of a Large-scale Web Accessible Information System. Proceedings of AACE Webnet 2000.
Cortez, E. M. (1993).  Automating the Library. Michigan Library Consortium.
Cortez, E. M., & Colon-Aguirre M. (2009).  What Libraries and Information Professionals Can Learn from Knowledge and Project Management.. 17th BOBCATSSS Symposium.
Cortez, E. M. (1986).  DOCGEN: A Documentation Inventory Control System Using the SPIRES/DBMS. Library Software Review. 74-78.
Cortez, E. M. (2005).  What an Environmental Scan Tells Us about the Future of Libraries and Library Education. 30th Annual Mary Utopia Rothrock Lecture.
Cortez, E. M. (1982).  New and Emerging Technology for Information Delivery. Catholic Library World. 54, 214-218.
Cortez, E. M. (1997).  Information Policy Audit: Method and Use. Proceedings of the ASIS 1997 Midyear Conference.
Cortez, E. M. (1991).  The Use of Consultants in the Development of RFP. (Garten, E., Ed.).Using Consultants in the Library: A Management Handbook.
Cortez, E. M. (2007).  Forging Partnerships across the World: International Collaborative Initiative between LIS Programs. iFLA,73rd General Conference and Council.