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Fitzpatrick, K., & Palenchar M. J. (2006).  Disclosing special interests: Constitutional restrictions on front groups. Journal of Public Relations Research. 18, 203-224.
Fitzpatrick, K., & Palenchar M. J. (2002).  Front groups and “Astroturf” lobbying: Legal ramifications for public relations.. Public Relations Society of America’s Communications Sciences Division for The International, Interdisciplinary Public Relations Research Conference.
Gross, P. (1999).  "Limping to Nowhere: Romania's Post-Iliescu Media," in Romania: One Year Into the Constantinescu Presidency. The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Occasional, 9-20.
Gross, P. (1996).  What do local election results tell us about the parliamentary/presidential elections in Romania. The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
Gross, P., & Tismaneanu V. (2005).  The End of Post-communism in Romania. Journal of Democracy. 16, 146-162.
Gross, P. (1992).  The Role of Media in Romanian Public Opinion Formation. 17th Annual Congress of the American-Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Gross, P. (1989).  The Still Applicable Totalitarian Theory of the Press: The Case of Romania. 3rd Annual Colloquia on East/West Communication.
Gross, P. (2002).  Media and political society in Eastern Europe. Media Development. 4110, 28-32.
Gross, P. (1998).  Symbiosis: Political Culture and Mass Media in the New Eastern Europe. Sfera Politicii. 17-22.
Gross, P. (1993).  Media and Politics in the U.S.: Lessons for Eastern Europe. Cotidianul's International Colloquia on Mass Media and Society.
Gross, P. (1990).  Exercises in Cynicism and Propaganda: Law, Legality and Foreign Correspondence in Romania. Political Communication and Persuasion. 6, 179-190.
Gross, P. (2004).  The Imperatives of Oral History: Interview with President Ion Iliescu. Introduction to The Great Shock at the End of a Short Century – Ion Iliescu in Dialogue with Vladimir Tismaneanu on Communism, Post-Communism and Democracy. 1-2.
Gross, P. (1999).  Giant With Feet of Clay. The Post-Communist Romanian Press (in Romanian). 190.
Gross, P. (1996).  Mass Media in Revolution and National Development: The Romanian Laboratory. 206.
Gross, P. (2005).  Deception: Romanian Media and the Establishment of Communism. Central and Eastern European Media Under Dictatorial Rule in the 1940s and 1950s Conference.
Gross, P. (1992).  Media and Public Opinion in the New Romania. International Colloquia on "Media in Transition and Transition of Media.
Gross, P. (1990).  The Still Applicable Totalitarian Theory of the Press: The Case of Romania.. (Splichal, S., Ed.).Democratization and the Media. 94-106.
Gross, P. (2002).  Entangled Evolution: Media in Post-Communist Eastern Europe. The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
Gross, P. (1998).  Limping to Nowhere. The Press During the First Constantinescu Year. An Update: Romania One Year After the Constantinescu Regime's Ascendancy to Power Conference.
Gross, P. (1993).  Media and Democratic Elections in Romania. 43rd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association.
Gross, P. (2004).  The 2004 Romanian Elections. 36th National Convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies.
Gross, P. (1991).  Waiting for Godot: Mass Media Policy Making in Romania. Mass Media Re-Construction in East/Central Europe Conference, International Social Science Council.
Gross, P., & Hiebert R. (1996).  A Comparative Glimpse at New East/Central European Broadcasting Laws: Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic. The Global Network. 4-5, 35-56.
Gross, P. (2006).  Pugilism as Journalism: Romania’s media and the Basescu presidency. The End of Post-communism in Romania? Assessing the Traian Basescu Presidency and Its Dilemmas session at the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies Conference.
Gross, P. (1992).  The Communist Theory of the Press - The Romanian Version (in French). Reseaux. 53, 41-59.
Gross, P. (1990).  Romania's Post-Ceausescu Media: Where is it Heading?. 15th Annual Convention of the American-Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Gross, P. (2003).  New Relationships: Eastern European Media and the Post-Communist Political World. Journalism Studies. 4, 79-89.
Gross, P. (1998).  Journalism and the Remaking of Political Culture in Eastern Europe. The Profession of Journalism in a Democratic Society. East-West Perspectives Conference.
Gross, P. (1993).  Mass Media and Public Opinion in Romania: Forward to the Past,. A.R.A. Journal, The American-Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences. 126-130.
Gross, P. (2005).  The State of Eastern European Press Freedom. Journalism Studies. 534-37.
Gross, P. (1991).  Restricting the Free Press in Romania. Orbis. 35, 365-375.
Gross, P. (1985).  West German and French Satellite Communication Policies: Similarities and Contrasts. Proceedings of the 1985 Inter-Disciplinary International Conference on the Socio-Cultural Impact of New Media. 121-148.