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A “Queer” Manifesto of Interventions for Libraries to ‘Come Out’ of the Closet! A Study of “Queer” Youth Experiences during the Coming Out Process(March 2006)

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Library and Information Science Research Electronic Journal, Volume 16, Issue 1 (2006)



Gender, Information Sciences, Intercultural, Library Science, Qualitative Research, Queer, Underserved Populations, Youth


<span style="font-family: Times New Roman"><p align="left"> Based on qualitative analysis of data gathered during in-depth narrative </p><p align="left"> interviews and informal discussions about &quot;queer&quot; youth experiences with twenty-one </p><p align="left">&quot;queer&quot; individuals, this paper presents a &quot;queer&quot; manifesto of library interventions in </p><p align="left"> support of &quot;queer&quot; youth during various phases of the coming out process. Important </p><p align="left"> characteristics of coming out are discussed, especially as a life-long process for &quot;queer&quot; </p><p align="left"> individuals to acknowledge their sexuality and share that awareness with others. </p><p align="left"> Significant concerns and challenges faced by &quot;queer&quot; youth during different phases in </p><p align="left"> their coming out experiences provide a context for the identification of library </p><p align="left"> interventions that reflect (and require) extending traditional library functions of </p><p align="left"> information provision as well as fulfilling non-traditional expectations that include </p><p align="left"> proactive social justice efforts for libraries to come out of the closet in support of &quot;queer&quot; </p><p align="left"> youth. </p></span>