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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Blakeman, R., & Hovland R. (In Press).  Adapting the Visual and Verbal Message For Global Audiences, International Conference on Design Principles and Practices. The International Journal of Design Education.
Park, S., & Cho M. (In Press).  Celebrity endorsement for nonprofit organizations: The role of celebrity motive attribution and spontaneous judgment of celebrity- cause incongruence. Journal of Promotion Management.
Rightler-McDaniels, J. L. (In Press).  Changes Through the Lens? U.S. Photographic Newspaper Coverage of Female High School Athletes. Sports in Society.
Welch, C. (In Press).  Children's Stories Through the Air: Librarian-Broadcasters, 1922-1941. Library Quarterly.
Taylor, M. (In Press).  Co creation. Encyclopedia of corporate reputation.
Bates, B. J., Geidner N., & Zhu Y.. (In Press).  “The Economics of Broadband.”. International Handbook on the Economics of the Media.
Avery, E. J., & Park S. (In Press).  Effects of celebrity endorsement and patriotism in military advertsing.. Journal of Promotion Management.
White, C. (In Press).  Exploring the Role of Private Sector Corporatoins in Public Diplomacy. Public Relations Inquiry.
Levenshus, A., Childers C. C., Blakely A., & Winkler R. (In Press).  The forgotten internal agency: Reccomendations for partnering with the university communications office to enhance PR undergraduate programs. 2015 PRSA Educators Academy Conference.
Bishop, B. Wade, & Grubesic T. H. (In Press).  Geographic Information: Organization, Access, and Use.
Taylor, M., & Yang A. (In Press).  Have global ethical values emerged in business communication practice?. Journal of Business Ethics.
Taylor, R. E. (In Press).  "I like to plan events: A Document Analysis of Essays Written by Applicants to a Public Relations Program.". Journalism and Mass Communication Educator.
Xiong, Y., Taylor M., & Kent M. L. (In Press).  Image repair in a Chinese brand identity crisis: Will the real herbal tea company please stand up?. Risk and Crisis Communication Textbook .
Auger, G., & Cho M. (In Press).  Meeting the needs of the practice: An evaluation of the public relations curricula. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator.
Mehra, B. (In Press).  Mobilization of Rural Libraries towards Political and Economic Change in the Aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election. The Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy (Special Issue: Aftermath: Libraries, Democracy, and the 2016 Presidential Election). 87(4), 
White, C., & Kolesnicov I. (In Press).  Nation Branding in Transitional Democracy: The Role of Corporate Diplomacy in Promoting National Identity. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy.
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (In Press).  NGO's, Organizing, and Health. Organizations, communication, and health.
Heath, R. L., & Palenchar M. J. (In Press).  Paradigms of risk and crisis communication in the 21st century. The handbook of international crisis communication research.
Evans, N., & Hoy M G. (In Press).  "Parents' Presumed Persuasion KNowledge of Childrens' Advergames: The Influence of Adverrtising Disclosure Modality and Cognitive Load". Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising.
Michener, W. K., Allard S., Budden A., Cook R., Douglass K., Frame M., et al. (In Press).  Participatory Design of DataONE - Enabling Cyberinfrastructure for the Biological and Environmental Sciences. Ecological Informatics.
Westerman, C.. Y. K., Miller L., Reno K.. M., & Spates S.A. (In Press).  Personal health information sharing: What is appropriate and expected in organizations?. Communication Studies.
Kent, M. L. (In Press).  The Power of Storytelling in Public Relations: Understanding the 20 Master Plots. Public Relation Review.
Chen, H., Haley E., & Deterding A. (In Press).  "Product Placement in Social Games: Qualitative Research Insights". Advertising in New Formats and Media: Current Research and Implications for Marketers.
Yang, A., & Taylor M. (In Press).  Public diplomacy in a networked society: The Chinese government-NGO coalition network on AIDS prevention. The International Communication Gazette. 76,
Kent, M. L. (In Press).  Public Relations. The SAGE Enclyclopedia of Communication Research Methods.
Taylor, R. E. (In Press).  "The Role of Message Strategy in Reducing Hospital-Acquired Infections". American Journal of Infection Control .
Heath, R. L., Coombs W. T., Edwards L., & Palenchar M. J. (In Press).  Shaping the field: Bob Heath and the two volumes of the Encyclopedia of Public Relations. Public Relations Review.
Jung, A-reum., & Hovland R. (In Press).  Targeting Gender: A Content Analysis of Alcohol Advertising in Magazines. Health Marketing Quarterly.
Lee, T., & Haley E. (In Press).  What you Think you Know" The Effects of Prior Financial Education and Readability on Financial Disclosure Processing. Journal of Behavioral Finance .
Potnis, D., & Allard S. (2018).  Developing MISSILE Curriculum to Train LIS Students as Mobile Technology Consultants. Association of Library and Information Science Education 2018 Conference.
Potnis, D., & Gala B.. (2018).  Financial Information Literacy Toolkit to Educate Borrowers in India (ALISE/OCLC Research Grant Presentation).
Potnis, D. (2018).  LIS Education to Save the World: Information Skills for International Development. Association of Library and Information Science Education 2018 Conference.
Mallary, K. (2018).  Providing Equal Access to Information in Academic & Research Libraries. University of Tennessee's College of Communication & Information 40th Annual Research Symposium.
K, M. (2018).  Providing Equal Access to Information in Academic & Research Libraries.
Potnis, D., & Mallary K. (2018).  Training Librarians to Better Serve Patrons Using Assistive Technologies: An Inquiry-Based Approach. Association of Library and Information Science Education 2018 Conference.
Potnis, D., & Allard S. (2018).  Training LIS Students as Mobile Technology Consultants for Libraries and Not-for-Profit Organizations. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science. 59(3), 
Potnis, D., Demissie D., Trimmer J., & Cleek J. (2018).  WhatsApp for Social Activism in Ethiopia? Research in Progress from US Diplomacy Lab. 21st Annual Conference of the Southern Association for Information Systems.
Potnis, D., Adkins D., Cooke N., & Babu R. (2017).  Addressing Barriers to Engaging with Marginalized Communities: Advancing Research on Information, Communication, and Technologies for Development (ICTD). 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science & Technology.
Potnis, D., Demissie D., & Rahman M.. (2017).  Agent-Based Mobile Banking for Financial Inclusion of Vulnerable Population in Bangladesh. iConference.
Mohaghegh, N., Zarghani M., Tahamtan I., , & Mousavi S. (2017).   Assessing Knowledge Translation in Iranian Medical Research Centres.
Mehra, B. (2017).  Cultural Re-Interpretation of Race/Ethnicity and Sexuality: A Gay South Asian “Voice” From Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Celebrating the James Partridge Award: Essays Toward the Development of a More Diverse, Inclusive, Equitable Field of Library and Information Science (Advances in Librarianship Series).
Tahamtan, I., Pajouhanfar S., Sedghi S., Azad M., & Roudbari M. (2017).  Factors affecting smartphone adoption for accessing information in medical settings. Health Information & Libraries Journal. 34(2), 
Potnis, D., & Gala B.. (2017).  Factors Influencing Citizens’ Intention to Spread Information over Mobile Phones: Implications for Mobile Governance in India. 10th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance.
Potnis, D., & Gala B.. (2017).  Factors Influencing Electronic Word-of-Mouth Among Indian Youth: Implications for Mobile Governance. 10th International Conference on Electronic Governance. Special Issue Publication on eGovernment in India,
Potnis, D., Deosthali K., Zhu X., & McCusker R. (2017).  Factors Influencing the Intention of Students to Continue Using e-Books: Recommendations for Academic Libraries to Better Engage with Students. Association of Library and Information Science Education.
Potnis, D., Demissie D., & Rahman M. (2017).  Factors Influencing Use of Mobile Money by Students, Small Business Owners, and Farmers in Bangladesh. 20th Southern Association for Information Systems (SAIS) Conference .
Zhu, X.. (2017).  The failure of an early episode in the open government data movement: A historical case study. Government Information Quarterly. 34(2), 269.
Potnis, D. (2017).  “Financial Information Literacy Toolkit to Educate boRrowers” (FILTER): A Channel for Public Libraries to Partner with Governments for Financial Inclusion in the Developing World.
Potnis, D., Deosthali K., & Pino J. (2017).  Investigating Barriers to “Using Information” in Electronic Resources: A Study with e-Book Users. 2017 Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science & Technology.