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Colby, M., Hecht M. L., Miller-Day M., Krieger J. L., Syvertsen A. K., Graham J. W., et al. (In Press).   Adapting school-based substance use prevention curriculum through cultural grounding: A review and exemplar of adaptation processes for rural schools.. American Journal of Community Psychology.
Rightler-McDaniels, J. L. (In Press).  Changes Through the Lens? U.S. Photographic Newspaper Coverage of Female High School Athletes. Sports in Society.
Welch, C. (In Press).  Children's Stories Through the Air: Librarian-Broadcasters, 1922-1941. Library Quarterly.
White, C., & Radic D. (In Press).  Comparative Public Diplomacy: Message Strategies of Countries in Transition. Public Relations Review.
Bilal, D. (In Press).  Comparing Google’s readability of search results to the Flesch Readability Formulae: A preliminary analysis on children’s search queries. Proceedings of the 76 ASIS&T Annual Meeting.
Bates, B. J. (In Press).  Cross-Media Marketing (revised). (Donsback, W., Ed.).The International Encyclopedia of Communication.
Pettigrew, J., Miller-Day M., Shin Y., Hecht M. L., Krieger J. L., & Graham J. W. (In Press).  Describing teacher-student interactions: A qualitative assessment of teacher implementation of the 7th grade keepin’ it REAL substance use intervention. American Journal of Community Psychology.
Bates, B. J., Geidner N.., & Zhu Y.. (In Press).  “The Economics of Broadband.”. International Handbook on the Economics of the Media.
Beheshti, J., Cole C., Kuhlthau C. C., & Bilal D. (In Press).  Enabling systems for inquiry-based learning. Proceedings of the 76 ASIS&T Annual Meeting.
Krieger, J. L., Covaleski S., Hecht M. L., Miller-Day M., Graham J. W., Pettigrew J., et al. (In Press).  From kids, through kids, to kids: Examining the social influence strategies used by adolescents to promote prevention among peers.. Health Communication .
Zhu, X., Eschenfelder K. R., Tsai T. I., & Stewart B. (In Press).  How Institutionalized are Model License Use Terms? An Analysis of E-Journal License Use Terms from 2000-2009. . College & Research Libraries.
Miller-Day, M., Pettigrew J., Hecht M. L., Shin Y., Graham J. W., & Krieger J. L. (In Press).  How prevention curricula are taught under real-world conditions: Types of and reasons for teacher curriculum adaptations in 7th grade drug prevention curriculum.. Health Education.
Pettigrew, J. (In Press).  I'll take what I can get: Identity development in the case of a stepfather.. Journal of Divorce and Remarriage.
Bates, B. J. (In Press).  Markets of the Media (revised). (Donsbach, W., Ed.).The International Encyclopedia of Communication.
Manayeva, N., & Drakakhrust Y. (In Press).  Origins and characteristics of public trust for independent media in Belarus. IV Central European Communication Forum “Convergence: Media in Future and Future in Media”.
Michener, W. K., Allard S., Budden A., Cook R., Douglass K., Frame M., et al. (In Press).  Participatory Design of DataONE - Enabling Cyberinfrastructure for the Biological and Environmental Sciences. Ecological Informatics.
Jung, A-reum., & Hovland R. (In Press).  Targeting Gender: A Content Analysis of Alcohol Advertising in Magazines. Health Marketing Quarterly.
Potnis, D. (2015).  Addressing Data Collection Challenges in ICT for Development Projects. International Journal of ICT and Human Development. 7(3), 36-55.
Hovland, R. (2015).  Alcoholic Beverage Advertising: An Integrative Interdisciplinary Review.. Journal of Current Issues in Research and Advertising. Spring(36), 
[Anonymous] (2015).  An APPetite for political information: Characteristics and media habits of mobile news app users.. Paper presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication annual conference, San Francisco, CA.
Kaye, B.K.., & Johnson T.J.. (2015).  An APPetite for political information: Characteristics and media habits of mobile news app users. Paper presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication annual conference, San Francisco, CA.
Potnis, D. (2015).  Applying Information Science Lens for Advancing Critical Research on IT Adoption: Insights from Continued Usage of Mobile Phones by Poor Women in Rural India. International Journal of Technology Diffusion. 6(1), 76-99.
Potnis, D. (2015).  Beyond Access to Information: Understanding the Use of Information by Poor Female Mobile Users in Rural India. The Information Society. 31(1), 83-93.
Blakeman, R., & Hovland R. (2015).  Design Education in an International Context. 9th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, Chicago, IL.
Potnis, D., Bao X.., & Fesmire S.. (2015).  e-Book Adoption by Students Across the World: A Diffusion of Innovation Perspective. Charleston Conference.
Potnis, D., Cortez E. M., & Allard S. (2015).  Educating LIS Students to Serve as Mobile Technology Consultants.
Deosthali, K., Potnis D., Elliott D.., & Fesmire S.. (2015).  Factors Influencing Adoption of e-Books by Students. International Conference of the Association of the Global Management Studies.
Potnis, D. (2015).  Financial Inclusion in India, 2015.
Kaye, B.K.., & Johnson T.J.. (2015).  I only have eyes for YouTube: Motives for political use. Journal of Social Media Studies. 1(2), 91-104.
Bishop, B. Wade, Cadle A. W., & Grubesic T. H. (2015).  Job Analyses of Emerging Information Professions: A Survey Validation of the American Library Association's Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT) Core Competencies to Inform Geographic Information Librarianship (GIL) Curriculum. Library Quarterly.
Bishop, B. Wade, Parrish T.., & Grubesic T. H. (2015).  Mapping LIS Electives across the Field: Collaborative Student Learning Outcome Development and Assessment. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science..
Mohan, L., & Potnis D. (2015).  Mobile Banking for the Unbanked Poor without Mobile Phones: Comparing Three Innovative Mobile Banking Services in India. 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. 2168-2176.
Potnis, D. (2015).  Project Management for IT-Driven Development of Disadvantaged Communities. Annual Meeting of The Institute of Operations Research and Management Sciences .
Johnson, T.J.., & Kaye B.K.. (2015).  Reasons to believe: Comparing the influence of reliance and gratifications on credibility of social networks. Computers in Human Behavior. 50, 544-555.
Kaye, B.K.., & Johnson T.J.. (2015).  Site effects: How reliance on social media influences confidence in the government and news media. Social Science Computer Review. 33(2), 127-144.
Mehra, B., & Davis R. (2015).  A Strategic Diversity Manifesto for Public Libraries in the 21st Century. New Library World. 116(1/2), 
Wei, F.., Grubesic T. H., & Bishop B. Wade (2015).  A Visual-Analytical Approach for Exploring the GIS Knowledge Domain. Professional Geographer.
Potnis, D. (2015).  Wilson’s Information-Seeking Behavior Models (1981, 1996, 1999). Information Seeking Behavior and Technology Adoption: Theories And Trends. 94-112.
[Anonymous] (2014).  Assessing Employee Satisfaction of the Electronic Training Program of the Gulf Cooperation Council's Countries. World Conference on E-Learning .
Deosthali, K., Gharawi M., & Potnis D. (2014).  Assessing Employee Satisfaction of the Electronic Training Program of the Gulf Cooperation Council's Countries. World Conference on E-Learning.
Mohan, L., & Potnis D. (2014).  Banco Azteca’s Use of Innovative Information Systems for Financial Inclusion in Latin America. Information Technologies in Developing Countries. June, 12-16.
Smith, K. R. (2014).  Benign Neglect No More: How Document Security Affects Access to Memory.
Kaye, B.K.., & Johnson T.J.. (2014).  Credibility of social network sites for political information. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 19(4), 
Harmon, M., Hovland R., & Park J. (2014).  Cultivating Consumers Not Citizens: A Cross-Atlantic Comparison of the Affluenza Hypotheses. European Communication Research and Education Association, Lisbon.
Potnis, D. (2014).  Examining Mobile Banking in Developing Nations from Pro-Poor “Context, Culture, and Community” Perspective.
Potnis, D., & Deosthali K. (2014).  Factors Influencing Adoption of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Mobile Technologies by the Growth Engine of the US Economy. First Monday. 19(9), 
Bates, B. J. (2014).  The Future of Multichannel Video Distribution in the U.S.: Bundling vs. A La Carte, a Theoretical Examination of Marketing and Pricing Options. 11th World Media Economics and Management Conference.
Lingel, J.. F., & Bishop B. Wade (2014).  The Geoweb and Everyday Life: An Analysis of Spatial Tactics and Volunteered Geographic Information. First Monday. 19(7), 
Harmon, M., & Bates B. J. (2014).  Global News on the Cheap: Options for PSM to Expand Global News Coverage.. RIPE@2014 - Public Service Media Across Boundaries.